Women’s Wednesday – LEG LUBE and Other Things you Might Be Missing in Your Life.

Cheri Felix at 303Cycling.com loves cycling and she was kind enough to include LEG LUBE in her list of favorite things in her recent Women’s Wednesday post.

“Now, I’ve had a slightly unnatural interest in men’s shiny and shaven legs. I am mesmerized by anyone who chooses to do the one thing that most of us women would be happy to never do again. So that interest (read: obsession) led me to seek out via twitter and in person the local guy who started (he gives his wife tons of inspiration credit) for LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel. I’ve used it multiple times and like Skratch, there’s science behind it but do you really care? It works, it’s refreshing, it’s different and you can take it camping and you can carry it in your carry-on. It doesn’t take much. And hey, like Skratch, it’s local. I likey. Nuff said. Check it out. www.leglube.com

See all of Cheri’s favorites at: www.303Cycling.com

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