Women Cyclists Have Serious Purchasing Power

Dr. Jennifer Boldry from the Leisure Trends Group discusses presents information on the purchasing power of women in the cycling industry. Panelists Charlie Cooper from Leisure Trends, Mike Hamannwright from Revolution Cycles, Diane Lees from Hubbub Custom Bicycles, Susan Otcenas from www.teamestrogen.com and Leslie Prevish from Trek Women all participated in a fascinating discussion regarding best retailing practices as they pertain to women cyclists. Key takeaways were: (1) There are substantial growth opportunities in the women’s market – particularly in the MTB category (2) Female customers are the ideal IBD customer because they seek communication with stores, can be influenced by staff and are less likely to cite price as the main driver for their decisions (3) Every step taken to improve the shopping experience for women will also improve the experience for men – so it is a win-win to cater to the female market.

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