Winterizing your Bike

LEG LUBE: Winter is coming so get out and ride! We are all very good at using the weather as an excuse not to ride, and who wants to ride the trainer all the time? However, if you want to improve and put some distance between you and your competitors you have to do more than they are and do it smarter than they are! The ‘off-season’ is the perfect time to gain the advantage! But let’s be realistic, most of us live in areas that subject us to the full bore of old man winter, and a lot of us really love our trusty stead and will do anything to protect her from harm (no, I’m not talking about your blackberry – I’m talking about your bike!). Winterizing your bike will help protect your baby as well as allow for relatively comfortable and safe riding throughout these dark, cold months. Read the whole article by D3 USAT Certified Coaches Mark Sunderland and John Lapehn at:

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