Why The Military Loves LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel

We received a great email over the holidays that I thought was worth sharing with everyone. A member of the military sent us an email from overseas telling us how much he liked LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel. While this isn’t unusual, we receive lots of great emails from users (thanks!), the reasons for his email were.

Evidently, the military wants soldiers to shave their faces everyday so that gas masks and other tactical gear fit correctly. His brother (who is an avid cyclist) sent him a bottle of LEG LUBE thinking that it would be really useful for the following reasons (1) You can shave with it using very little water (2) the product lasts a long time and is easy to carry in your pack and (3) because of the ‘chain lube like bottle’ it doesn’t leak and it is easy to travel with. All very useful features for soldiers who are in the field.

Now, I must admit, when we created LEG LUBE, I never imagined these as benefits for soldiers. We simply wanted to create a great product for athletes and were super excited to hear that it also has significant benefits for the military too. So, if you have a friend, a brother / sister or spouse overseas, consider shipping him, or her, a bottle of LEG LUBE in your next care package. We know that they will love you for it.

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