Why do athletes love Boulder?

LEG LUBE: It’s simple really. Go west and you have mountains. Go east and you have flat farmland. Go north and you have rolling hills. Go on a run and you might get passed by ultramarathon legend Scott Jurek. Go for a bike ride and you might see Ironman legend Dave Scott. There’s a reason that Boulder, Colorado is the mecca of endurance sports. The challenge you’re looking for-climbing, flatlands, whatever-isn’t far away. All the athletes. Like Jurek and Scott. Ironman champions Mirinda Carfrae and Craig Alexander. Pro cyclists like Taylor Phinney. Swimming champions like Christine Jennings. The list of elite endurance athletes who spend at least part of the year in Boulder is almost overwhelming. Not to mention, it is where we decided to launch LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel.

Read the rest of the article by Ryan Wood with tips about the area at: http://bit.ly/17EaiIz

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