Which is better after exercise, Ibuprofen or Aspirin?

LEG LUBE: According to a study from the Netherlands, taking Ibuprofen before intense exercise increases bleeding from the intestines (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, December 2012) and this can interfere with a person’s training program by delaying recovery. In a recent article by Gabe Mirkin M.D. in Florida Cycling Magazine, muscles recover much faster when you take sugar and protein within one hour after finishing intense exercise. Exercise markedly increases sensitivity to insulin for about an hour after you finish exercising. This effect tapers off rapidly after that. Taking sugar causes a rise in insulin. Insulin drives amino acids from protein into muscle cells to help them heal faster. The intestinal damage caused by Ibuprofen can interfere with absorption of food from the intestines and delay recovery and healing. Read the whole article at: www.floridacyclingmagazine.com

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