User Loves LEG LUBE

Every so often we receive great emails from users who love LEG LUBE which is fantastic! They really do make our day and keep us going. Today, I received a fantastic review from a woman named Crystal who blogs about her favorite things and we are very excited that LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel is one of them. Here’s a brief excerpt…

“After using LEG LUBE exclusively for a couple weeks, I am definitely sold. This product is great for athletes and non-athletes, males and females. It can be used as a typical shaving gel in your shower, or you can use it anywhere you have access to some water nearby (think camping, locker rooms, etc), which allows you to get creative. Leg lube comes in a convenient (and fun) bottle, which is perfect for throwing in a carry on, weekend bag, or even in your purse. And finally it is made in the good old USA, so go buy some today and find out what I am talking about!”

Check out the whole post at:

Thanks Crystal! We’re super excited that you love the product.

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