USAT Reviews LEG LUBE & Gives a Perfect Score

The folks at USA Triathlon have spent the past couple of months using and reviewing LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel and we are happy to report, that they loved it! Their reviewers gave us a perfect score of 5 out of 5 which is great. Here’s a look at the review….

“LEG LUBE’s ‘ultra-lubricating’ formula reduces drag, nicks and razor burn, without leaving limbs screaming for moisturizer. Avoiding the messy hassle of regular shaving creams and gels, a small bead of the product is enough to mow down an entire leg or arm. Plus, the package is shaped like a bottle of chain lube, and that’s just fun.

The company recommends using LEG LUBE® on previously shaved or trimmed areas, a sentiment echoed by our testers. While there was skepticism that a small dallop of gel could be used to cover an entire limb, LEG LUBE® performed as advertised to the great admiration of our testers. Jon really appreciated being able to see the areas he was shaving without having to deal with a messy shaving cream, and Kali found the scent to be “pleasant, but not at all overpowering.”

The moisturizer was also a big plus, and it “didn’t leave my legs feeling uncomfortably dry and sensitive.” Jon pointed out that the smaller container means that you can actually take it in a carry-on bag if you are flying to a race and can’t fit another think in your checked bags. “Plus, it just looks cool.”

Thanks USAT! We appreciate the kind words.

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