Underpants Run to Celebrate 15 Years at Ironman World Championships

If it’s Thursday in Kona, then it’s the Underpants Run! The tradition continues into its 15th year at the Ironman World Championship this year and with it will bring the usual cast of idiots and some notable participants. Included in past year’s editions were triathlon legends such as Tom Knoll, Dave Orlowski, Scott Tinley, Thomas Hellreigel, Bob Babbitt, Mike Reilly (lead vehicle), Michael Lovato, Amanda Lovato, Michael Mulahey, 70 nutty Australians, Chris Danahey, Roch Frey, etc., etc. We just suggest if you haven’t done it already, then please use some LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel, prior to the big event. Your legs will look and feel much better in those ‘tighty whiteys’. Read the whole article at: http://bit.ly/QKW1DQ

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