Announces “Show Us Your Legs” Contest

It’s been nearly a year since reviewed LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel and they thought that it would be fun to throw a contest asking contestants to send them a photo of their legs. The winners, selected by the blogs members (both male and female), will win a FREE bottle of LEG LUBE.

The rules are simple enough: Post a photo of your legs to their site ( It doesn’t matter if your legs are hairy as a bigfoot, or smooth as silk. The members are going to choose the winner, and it’s up to them what criteria defines a winner. So it could be sexy legs, or a funny photo. It might even be the worst tan lines ever. It’s anyone’s game, if they’re game enough to enter. They’ll close the contest on October 25th, and announce the winners of the popular vote by the 27th. Have fun and start sending them your pics!

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