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LEG LUBE® is super convenient. When I broke my arm I couldn’t get it wet and LEG LUBE® allowed me to shave out of shower which was great!

Jade Wilcoxson, US National Women’s Road Champion

Training is a lot of work. Swimming 2.4 miles is a lot of work. Biking 112 miles is a lot of work. Running 26.2 miles is a lot of work. Everything else in a triathletes life should be easy. That includes shaving and LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel makes shaving a lot easier.

Tim DeBoom, 2X Ironman World Champion, 2011 Norseman Champion

LEG LUBE is simple to use and provides a super smooth shave. It’s also perfect for travel.

Rebecca Rusch, 6x World Champion – 3x Leadville 100 Winner

LEG LUBE is fresh, fast, tingly, fast, smooth, oh… and did I mention fast! This is a great product to keep your legs and body feeling like a rocket cutting through the air!

Chris Wherry, U.S. National Road Race Champion

LEG LUBE is fantastic! It works great in the shower and I can’t wait to try it out of the shower too. I’m heading to Europe in a couple of weeks and LEG LUBE will definitely be going with me.

Meredith Miller, Professional Cyclist, US National Road Champion

I seriously love LEG LUBE! A tiny dollop goes a long way and makes my legs feel great. The smell is pure yumminess.

Lindsey Voreis, Professional Cyclist, Specialized AllRide Tour

Great smell. Great performance. Great to travel with. What else can I say…GREAT is the perfect adjective for all things LEG LUBE.

Nicole DeBoom, Founder & CEO Skirt Sports and Former Professional Triathlete

I used LEG LUBE yesterday and was truly impressed. It is lightweight, non-greasy and delivers a great shave with no mess. My legs feel super smooth and fast!

Capt. Kelly Calway, US Oympic Team Marathon Runner

LEG LUBE is awesome! I works incredibly well and it is crazy how little of the product you need to get great results.

Katie Holden, Pro Mountain Biking Champion

LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel improves your leg shaving experience. My legs are smoother and I haven’t had any ingrown hairs.

Michael Barry, Professional Cyclist & Author of Razor’s Edge: Shaving Your Legs for Cycling

LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel is fantastic. I use it both in and out of the shower and love the results. It goes on easy and delivers a very smooth shave.

Barry Siff, Multisport Teams Timex & PowerBar Elite and Founder of 5430 Sports

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! It smells great, is easy to use and my skin feels soft and moisturized. I used it in the shower and can’t wait to use it for quick “touch ups” on my way to yoga. It will be perfect for that on-the-go-shave!

Corie, Boulder Colorado

The best shave that I have ever had in my life. LEG LUBE ROCKS!

R.L., Boulder Colorado

As a Professional Cyclist, having my legs look and feel the best they can is critical to successful racing. LEG LUBE is easy-to-use, travels great and makes my legs look and feel fantastic.

Ryan Sabga, Professional Cyclist

I didn’t realize how valuable a quality shaving gel is to comfort and athletic performance until I tried LEG LUBE. When my legs feel sleek, aero and lack irritation after using LEG LUBE, I feel faster and that positively impacts my performance on the bike.

Tyler Wren, Pro Cyclist for Jamis/Sutter Home Pro Cycling Team

I dig the smell and the my razor seems to really love the texture… no cuts, super fast, clean, smooth, and my legs feel ready to rock right after I use it!

Scott Fliegelman, Executive Director, FastForward Sports

We have a new favorite product in our store. LEG LUBE is the best thing to happen to shaving since the invention of the razor.

Jorge Espinoza, Founder of

LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel contains a mix of ingredients that protect your skin from the razor. The clear gel can be used in or out of the shower and best of all, this non-lathering gel comes in a bottle identical to the one that contains your favorite chain lube.

Andrew J. Bernstein, Tech Editor

LEG LUBE just found a home on our counter at In-Step Active Footwear & Insoles in Boulder. We love the product and know you will too!

Tricia Vieth, Owner In-Step Active Footwear & Insoles

I used LEG LUBE for the first time today and I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the smell and feel of it. It felt very refreshing after a long hike. My only complaint is that all of my shower products don’t work and smell as fantastic as yours!

Jennifer Howie, HepCoaching

I am lovin’ LEG LUBE for both the face and legs. It is super smooth and feels tingly fresh! My wife and I have been fighting over it ever since I brought it home.

Mo Robbins, Boulder

I shaved with your product this morning and it is quite nice. It was a pleasure not having loads of shaving cream flying around. The easy travel size bottle is also a huge plus.

Grant Aidner

LEG LUBE leaves my legs feeling smooth and soft and made shaving go much faster and delivered a better result.

Laura Romeo, Product Reviewer for Poppy Sports

Of all shaving products, LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel was instantly my favorite… and I always get the best shave with it. Product Review

The perfect potion for all your manscaping (or lady-scaping) duties. We think it’s daBomb of shave gels. Product Review

Leg Lube is great for both men and women and has a nice, gender-neutral mint scent that was rated quite favorably by all reviewers. It is an excellent product.

Alex Roberts, Product Reviewer –

LEG LUBE makes my legs feel fast and fabulous. No more shaving foam for me! I love the way your product makes my legs tingle and the on-the-go convenience is fantastic for those last minute shaves!

Melanie Mitchell, Owner of Poppy Sports

LEG LUBE is great and wonderful stuff. I will definitely order more!

Stan L., Oklahoma

I’ve been using LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel for over a month and it is FANTASTIC! The product is easy-to-use, delivers a super smooth shave and works amazingly well. I’ve recommended it to all my friends.

Greg Cunningham, Lafayette CO

I discovered LEG LUBE on a recent trip to the U.S. and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a superior product to others I had used, in both application and end result. We contacted LEG LUBE on returning to Australia and now sell it in our shop. You too will be amazed at how well it works.

Dee-Ann Jackson, Owner & Athlete, The Running Shop, Gold Coast Australia

I used LEG LUBE this morning without water and it was the best, cleanest shave I’ve had. I’m sold.

Scott Evers, South Mountain Cycles – Phoenix AZ

LEG LUBE leaves your skin feeling smoother than a baby’s butt and smelling better than one too.

Ryan McFarling, Director of Youth Cycling, Boulder Indoor Cycling

LEG LUBE arrived yesterday and I tested the product today and it works fantastic! You have a happy customer in the Czech Republic and I will be re-ordering when I run out.”

Lukas Burda, Cyclist in the Czech Republic

I love it! I use it in the shower and it works awesome.

George Moxham, New LEG LUBE Fan

I started using LEG LUBE a couple of weeks ago and LOVE IT! No mess, super fast, super smooth and tingly. Please set up auto-ship!

Amy Louise, New LEG LUBE Fan

Nothing I’ve tried has worked as well as LEG LUBE. In fact, I like it so much, it might make a good gift for a non-roadie wife.

Jim Langley, Tech Editor

Thanks for a great product! It worked as promised, was super efficient and delivered a very pleasant experience.

Joe Morley, LEG LUBE® User

I love it!

Megan Hottman,

I had major issues shaving my legs in the past. Your product is absolutely amazing!! I have had zero razor burn and no ingrown hairs since I started using LEG LUBE. My fiancee is now using it too!

Kyle Matlock & Tristin Morgan, LEG LUBE Users

LEG LUBE is freakin’ awesome!

Dan Freeman, Editor

This stuff is magic!

Justin Barrett, LEG LUBE® Customer