Terrific Article About Ironman Legend Lew Hollander

LEG LUBE: If you love the Ironman, then you will love this article by Kendra Mahon on 22 time finisher Lew Hollander. Here’s an excerpt…

It’s crazy to me that someone can be so committed to a single event, dedicating years of their life to making it to the Big Island. Hollander says that he actually plans his calendar year around Kona. “There’s a personal satisfaction to know that I am still relevant in our society,” Hollander says. Now 82, he is part of an extremely small percentage of people his age who are this physically fit and active. He says that IRONMAN plays a gigantic part in that. “It has given me a way of life, a goal and an identity.” When asked if he could imagine his life without IRONMAN, a firm “no,” was the only reply.

To be humbled is to show a submissive respect for something, something bigger than yourself. That concept seems to be a common thread among athletes – both professional and age group – who I’ve had the chance to speak with. They have all said that although you feel extreme pride and accomplishment upon finishing, you also feel incredibly human. You become aware of your strengths, but also of your shortcomings; you realize what you are made of. “It opened up a whole new world for me,” says Hollander.

Read the whole article at: http://bit.ly/Q2vYIq

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