Tacks on Tour de France course is appalling

LEG LUBE: Reminiscent of an episode during the Tour de France in 1904, the most difficult climb of today’s stage fourteen was riddled with tacks near the crest of the climb which caused a major disruption in the race.  The Tour de France’s race radio reported that many tacks had been found on the course.

I, like many of you, was appalled to see this. I have a suggestion for a penalty if they catch the person(s) responsible: allow each of the cyclists who were impacted to paddle the person(s) with a paddle laced with carpet tacks. This way, they get a first hand experience what it is like to go down on a bike at 30-50 mph. The fact that someone would do this just blows my mind and really seems unfathomable.

Now, with that said, a very big “Bravo for Wiggo” for showing great sportsmanship by slowing the main peloton down to allow impacted riders to get back into the main field. This was a first class thing for Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky to do and shows that they honor the tradition of the race.


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