Six Months to IRONMAN: Eat Your Way to a PR

LEG LUBE: During an IRONMAN, the average athlete burns between 8,000 and 10,000 calories. And that doesn’t even take into account the months of two-, three-, and four-hour training sessions you endure before ever stepping up to the start line, says Michelle LeBlanc, founder of OutRival Racing and a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach. “The first discipline of an IRONMAN is nutrition. Then you swim, bike, and run,” she says. “You can’t put your training and athleticism to use without it.” Most of us have taken LeBlanc’s words to heart, and know that food is our fuel. But as much as the what matters, so does the when. If you plan to successfully complete 2.4 miles in the water, 112 on the bike and a full marathon in a row, you’re not only going to need the right kind of fuel, you’re going to need it at the right times in relation to your race.

6 Months Out

• Know your ratios, Replace calories , Hydrate

1 Month Out

• Boost your immunity

1 Week Out

• Take it easy

1 Day Out

• Stock up, Be Gentle

Race Day

• Rev your engines, Eat on the clock, Replenish

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