Racing Strategies for Hot Weather

LEG LUBE: As the summer looms–or has already arrived for many of us–so do many of our favorite races. From Ironman 70.3’s in Las Vegas and Cozumel to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, one common factor that can make or break our performance is heat. Time and again we see many of the world’s best competitors set personal records in these conditions through careful planning, diligent training and most importantly, by using scientifically proven strategies to minimize the stress of hot conditions. Here are some key areas to focus on for achieving your best when its really scorching: (1) Heat Acclimation (2) Hyperhydration (3) Whole-Body Pre-Cooling (4) Forget the Warm-Up (5) Use the Bike (6) Change out of soaked clothing. Read the whole article at:

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