Pro Training Tip: How Tired is Too Tired?

LEG LUBE: Professional athletes have the luxury to train all day and train extremely hard. They have 15 hours a day to focus on training and recovery. Conversely, working athletes have the external stress of a nine-to-five job (or 9 to 7 in most cases) and oftentimes demand outside of sport such as family and friends. For the age group triathlete, managing fatigue and stress is essential to their success. Being able to discern between being tired from hard training versus run-down from fatigue is vital for all working athletes to succeed over the long-term. Here are some signs that you might want to pay attention to:
• You start to feel unmotivated
• You start to catch colds more often
• You gain or loose weight when your diet or exercise levels haven’t changed
• You have significant changes in your sleeping pattern
• You start to see performance declines and more injuries

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