LEG LUBE: 5 tips for the lead up to your big race of the season by Pro Triathlete Heather Wurtele

The last week before a big race can be one of the hardest for a triathlete to bear. You’ve done all the work, your training volume is way down, and you may feel lethargic and antsy all at the same time. This is a perfect time to sit down and spend some time writing mental training notes for your big day.

1) Put down realistic goal times for each discipline.
2) Write key words for each discipline that help you remember essential form cues or things that make you smile to get through hard times.
3) Don’t write passively, use powerful positive language like “I will succeed”
4) Write a newspaper headline about yourself: “Upcoming age-group athlete sets new bike course record”
5) Make some notes that fill you with confidence and keep you feeling grounded and mentally prepared.
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