LovingTheBike.com Loves LEG LUBE!

An excerpt from the review: “I have been testing a bottle of LEG LUBE for around a month now and I’ve been really impressed by the product. I have to confess and say that up until being sent a bottle of this gorgeous smelling ‘lube’, I have been using normal hair shampoo to shave with so having the LEG LUBE, which is designed purely for that purpose felt really nice and quite a treat to use.

The product is described as being ‘created by athletes – for athletes’ which makes a big difference I can assure you. There has been a lot of thought that has gone into the bottle of LEG LUBE; from the ‘unisex’ scent that appeals to both men and women and wont leave you feeling self-conscious, to the size of the bottle, which has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration so it is safe to travel with across the globe. That in itself is a great feature as it secures the brand being able to travel all over the world with athletes rather than being dispensed into small clear bottles.”

Read more at: http://bit.ly/zqvMPi

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