LEG LUBE: Cranksets

From RoadBikeRider.com: Thinking about what crankset you’re riding and whether or not it’s the best choice for your abilities and routes you ride is a fun and interesting exercise. Here are some guidelines to help. First, understand that bicycle gearing is constantly evolving (1970’s 10-speed has become 2013’s 22-speed) and relatively easy to customize. So, if you want something truly special, you can have it by piecing together the components you select. The information in these articles covers the three setups you’re likely to find stock on new road bicycles currently available in bike stores. To keep it simple and less confusing, the examples are based on standard Shimano cranksets and 10-speed cassettes. Campagnolo, SRAM and other makers offer the same or very similar range. Read more at: www.roadbikerider.com

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