LEG LUBE and K-Tape: The Perfect Match

LEG LUBE: That brightly colored cloth you’ve seen at races isn’t just a fad: It’s an important part of injury prevention and rehabilitation. It started with sumo wrestlers. Decades later, it was criss-crossing athletes’ bodies at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Since then, neon-bright strips of cloth adorning pro and amateur athletes have grown ubiquitous on the competitive stage.

Kinesio tape or k-tape was developed in 1979 by Japan’s Dr. Kenzo Kase, but it still had yet to make much of a dent in the athletic arena. Today’s stretchable, versatile kinesio tape does a much better job mimicking human skin. Converts swear by its benefits for reducing muscle fatigue and swelling, increasing circulation and helping the body heal itself, as well as relieving muscle injuries, patellar tracking disorders, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The clinical effects have yet to be thoroughly studied, but anecdotal evidence favors its efficacy. And some athletes and coaches herald its placebo effect: Simply creating extrinsic awareness of the injured muscle group can yield positive outcomes for athletes working to overcome injury.

Regardless of the efficacy, there’s one thing that we know for certain. K-tape works much better and is much more comfortable to use on shaved skin vs. hair legs, arms, backs, etc… So if you’re thinking of using K-tape, we highly suggest that you shave with LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel first. You’ll have a much more pleasant experience as a result.

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