Lance Armstrong loses titles; now who do you award them to?

LEG LUBE: Okay, Lance Armstrong has decided not to fight the charges against him and will most likely lose the 7 Tour de France titles that he won between 1999 and 2005. Now that this chapter is complete, who do you award the titles to? The list of runner’s up, third and even fourth place finishers is littered with cyclists who have been accused of doping or have admitted doping. So let’s be honest, they were all doing it which is not an excuse, but it does make you hope that those days are long over and that clean racing is here to stay.

1999     Alex Julle (confessed to EPO use in 1998)
2000    Jan Ullrich (found guilty of doping in 2012), Joseba Beloki third
2001    Jan Ullrich (found guilty of doping in 2012), Joseba Beloki third
2002    Joseba Beloki (charged in 2006 but cleared by Spanish officials later)
2003    Jan Ullrich (found guilty of doping in 2012), Alexander Vinokourov third (found guilty of doping)
2004    Andreas Kloden (allegations about doing emerged in 2009), Ivan Basso
2005    Ivan Basso (admitted doping in 2007), Jan Ullrich (stripped of third for doping)

My suggestion is that they award the title to no one so that the era becomes known for doping as a reminder to those in the future not to cheat.

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