IRONMAN: Top 7 Rookie Mistakes

LEG LUBE: Brian Wrona, a 29-year-old San Diego-based recruiter, considers himself a classic IRONMAN athlete. A classic case of how to make every rookie mistake in the book, that is. “I would be the model of how not to initially progress in the sport,” says a smiling Wrona, a strong 70.3 age group competitor who is headed to IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene this year and will represent the United States at the Sprint Triathlon World Championship in London in September. So what lessons paved Wrona’s bumpy road to being an IRONMAN? We asked him to share his top total-beginner mistakes:

1. Going all-out at the starting line
2. Dawdling at transitions
3. Skipping a bike fitting
4. Racetime “firsts”
5. Looking forward in the swim
6. Underestimating bike mileage
7. Skipping track and hill workouts
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