Ironman Lessons: Race Smart on the Bike to Run Your Best

LEG LUBE: Take it from recent U.S. 70.3 IRONMAN champ Meredith Kessler: Avoiding the death march on the run begins with the right approach in the saddle. The 112-mile bike in the middle of an Ironman triathlon isn’t your average ride. On the heels of a 2.4-mile swim, it’s an opportunity to get your bearings back on land, dry off, and refuel from the calories you burned. What’s more, given the marathon that follows, many Ironman triathletes refer to the bike as a “rolling buffet.” As evidenced by your responses to a question posed recently on Twitter and Facebook, learning how to “ride to run”—setting up your run through proper pacing, hydration, and fueling on the bike—stymies many triathletes. We asked Meredith Kessler, the recent U.S. Pro Champion, how she races smart on two wheels to set up her blazing-fast run.

1. Know the course, pace the course
2. Tweak your nutrition
3. Be a picky eater
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