How to Nail the Triathlon Run

LEG LUBE: Many amateur triathletes have been heard saying, “If I can just get through the swim and the bike, I can always walk the triathlon run.” Yes you most certainly can, but you probably won’t be having much fun at that point in the race. Putting together the best (read: fastest) triathlon means being able to race, not walk, the run. Today, most professional triathlon races come down to the run. The pro who can get to the finish line first on the run (and that usually means the fastest runner) is the triathlete that ends up on the top step of the podium. Here are some tips to help you nail the run:

1. Eat and Drink on the Bike to Prepare for the Run

2. Never Try Anything New on Race Day

3. Wear a Hat or Visor

4. Hydrate Often

5. Stick To Your Race Plan

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