How Many Calories are Burned in a Triathlon?

LEG LUBE: In your post-race celebration high, have you ever wondered how many calories you incinerated during your triathlon? You’re not the first to ask. Several factors affect how many calories you use during your race. Let’s cover three big contributors. The first two come from you. Your current body weight and pace during the race determine the calories burned per hour of the event. The third item that is a major factor contributing to the total number of calories used in a triathlon is the distance of the event.

Most calorie reference charts have a calories burned per segment of time, per pound (or kilogram) of body weight. Unless otherwise indicated, these calorie values include your basal metabolic rate. For example, a 130-pound person’s basal metabolic rate can be estimated as: 130 pounds/2.2 kilograms per pound = 59 kilograms. A daily caloric need is roughly weight in kilograms multiplied by 30. So 59 multiplied by 30 equals 1,770 calories per day, roughly, required to sustain a 130-pound person. Though not exact, because sleeping takes less energy than walking around all day, our 130-pound person requires roughly 1,770 calories over 24 hours per day or about 74 calories per hour.

On the charts below, you can see that a 130-pound racer burns some 945 calories in a sprint race and around 7,464 in an Ironman. That racer’s 180-pound friend that is racing the same distances at the same pace burns 1,309 for the sprint and a whopping 10,335 in an Ironman.

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