Do You Need a Triathlon Bike?

LEG LUBE: If you scan the transition area of beginner-friendly triathlons, you can find a wide range of brands and bicycle types. For your first triathlon, any bicycle that you have access to will work fine. After the triathlon bug bites, you may want to consider a new bicycle. The question is—what type of bicycle is right for you? The two areas where the right bicycle can make the most impact are comfort and speed. If a bicycle fits correctly, you’re more likely to enjoy cycling and find it easy to spend time riding. A good fit also reduces the likelihood of cycling-related injuries. Further, if the bicycle you ride is designed for the purpose or purposes you use it for, comfort increases. A comfortable fit is one reason athletes go shopping for a new bike and the second reason is speed, or a faster bike split. The right bike can make a significant difference in your bike split.

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