Dirt Rag Magazine Loves LEG LUBE

Josh Patterson from Dirt Rag Magazine has recommended LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel in a recent review published in the July Issue (#164) of Dirt Rag. Here’s an excerpt…

“I count myself in the minority of Dirt Rag staffers who indulge in the ritual of leg shaving. Not all rituals have a logical explanation; this one does… sort of. Does shaving my legs make me faster, more ‘aero’ on the trail? Certainly not, but it does allow me to clean cuts and abrasions with ease, while giving ticks less to grab on to. It also feels nice, and is a mark of solidarity with fellow cyclists. There are a growing number of shaving products that cater to barelegged cyclists. My favorite is LEG LUBE.”

Thanks for the kind words Josh. We agree! Read the whole article in the latest issue of Dirt Rag: www.dirtragmag.com

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