CTS Recovery Timing for Perfect Intervals

Carmichael Training System’s (CTS) Pro Coach Jim Rutberg has some tips on how to make sure you recover properly during interval workouts. Everybody loves interval training (right?), but it’s not just the work you’re doing that counts. The recovery between intervals is important, too.

So, you’re all ready to go out for your workout. You have a few gels in your pocket, your bike is gleaming in the warm sun with a bottle of water and bottle of sports drink, your sunglasses are sitting in the helmet draped over your handlebars, and your heart rate monitor/powermeter is quietly waiting to record every last bit of data. Great job, you have all the right gear, but what about your workout timing – specifically the amount of recovery you’re getting between intervals? Read more at: http://bit.ly/ycYRQN

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