Wind Tunnel Confirms – Shaved Legs Are Faster

LEG LUBE: It’s the most asked question: do shaved legs really help you go faster? In this episode, Mark and Chris break out the razors and get down to the follicle level to find out if hair-free legs truly are dangerously fast legs.

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Recent Discovery – Shaving Makes You Faster

How to Shave Off a Few Seconds A Recent Discovery Has the Cycling World Buzzing: Shaving Makes You Faster Article by Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal( Not long ago, I shaved my legs. Not for a column. For victory. In the world of riding bikes, shaving legs has long been a ritual without a universal explanation. I shave because it makes bandages easier to apply and remove when I crash and get road rash on my legs, some riders will say. I shave because it’s easier on my legs when I get...

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Many thanks to for the awesome review of LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel. As with everyone, we were super glad that she loved the product. Here’s the review: “As a woman, I have the advantage of steering clear of the leg-shaving debate. We gals shave because it’s a social norm, and maybe it makes us more aero too. After going with the old soap and water routine for years, I didn’t quite know what I was missing until I tried Leg Lube. I ran into the folks at Leg Lube at Interbike a few weeks...

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LEG LUBE Taper Nutrition Basics: A 3-Week Plan

Here’s a great article by Susan Kitchen LEG LUBE: The taper, or reduction in the training load, is a tried-and-true element of IRONMAN training. Athletes come to expect, look forward to, and/or dread the three-week period prescribed by most coaches. But no matter how good you are at putting your feet up and catching up on the latest Netflix binge, most athletes aren’t as good at understanding and executing a proper nutritional taper. Let me paint the picture: It’s just three weeks until the big day, and...

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LEG LUBE Welcomes Last Finisher at the 2014 Boulder Ironman

LEG LUBE: If you weren’t able to be there last night to welcome home the final racer of the 2014 Boulder Ironman, then no worries. Check out the video below. Our heartfelt congratulations to all of our friends and racers who completed yesterday’s race. It was a great day. LastFinisher

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