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LEG LUBE: Stephen Sheldrake, a member of New Zealand’s 2012 Olympic coaching team, offers tough bike sets sure to push your limits this season. One of the best ways to improve your bike times is through interval training. While easy and steady rides with a group can be a lot of fun, the only way you’re going to get faster is by pushing yourself past your limits.

Here are two workouts that can help you pick up speed on the bike, especially if you’re aiming for a 70.3 or full-distance race this season:

1. Indoor trainer session
For those sessions when time or weather is an issue, sometimes an indoor session is your best option. Here’s one of my favorites because you can go as hard as you like and it makes the time go by quickly.

Warm up:
12 mins easy spinning at a cadence of 90+. Build over the 12 mins, with the last 3-4 mins steady
10 x 10 secs  seated sprints on 1min (50 secs spin between each effort) – cadence 110+
3mins easy spin – make sure you are keeping hydrated as you get ready for the main set

Main set:
Russian Pyramid x 2 (Stay seated for all efforts. Push as hard as possible, keeping in mind that each set will take 12 mins.)
5 secs sprint/55 secs easy spin recovery
10 secs sprint/ 50 secs easy spin recovery
15 secs sprint/ 45 secs easy spin recovery
20 secs sprint/ 40 secs easy spin recovery
25 secs sprint/ 35 secs easy spin recovery
30 secs sprint/ 30 secs easy spin recovery
35 secs sprint/ 25 secs easy spin recovery
40 secs sprint/ 20 secs easy spin recovery
45 secs sprint/ 15 secs easy spin recovery
50 secs sprint/ 10 secs easy spin recovery
55 secs sprint/ 5 secs easy spin recovery
60 secs sprint
3 mins easy spin, then repeat the above set  After you complete the secsond set, do 4 mins easy spinning

Warm down:
8 x 1 leg riding only, alternate each 55 secs with a 5 secs change-over, continuous.
6 to 10 mins easy spinning warm down
Total time = 70+ mins

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