ArtCrank Denver Announces Artists

LEG LUBE: ArtCrank Denver announced the artist roster for the 2012 edition of ARTCRANK Denver. The 36 folks artists represent some old friends, some new friends, and an incredible assembly of talent from around the Mile High City. The 2012 Denver show will be held on Saturday, September 1 at TAXI, a creative live/work space located just north of downtown Denver on the west bank of the Platte River. TAXI’s been the catalyst in the development of the River North District, Denver’s liveliest emerging urban neighborhood.

Unfortunately, my submissions were not accepted this year but all is still good in the world and I’m looking foward to seeing the show. Hopefully, all of you will attend to. In the meantime, please have a look at my submissions and if anyone is interested in a print let us know and we should be able to get some printed up.


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