Another Happy LEG LUBE Customer!

We receive great notes from people all of the time about how much they love LEG LUBE Performance Shave Gel and every so often, some of those same people are nice enough to post something about us on their facebook page for blog. Here’s the latest from another happy LEG LUBE customer:

“This is Leg Lube, it is shaving gel and I like it. I don’t like shaving. Those of you that know me know that I either have a beard or trimmed stubble, but very rarely do I have a clean shorn face. There are a few reasons for this; its uncomfortable to shave, it hurts to shave and, most importantly, I look better with some hair on my face. This left me with a dilemma this summer, to shave daily or to go all out with a full beard. I c I’m going to have to shave, because come August when I’m rolling across the Badlands it will be too damn hot to have a beard. 

About Leg Lube: it smells like mint, it comes in a cool chain lube-esque container, it doesn’t foam up and make a huge mess, it works wet or dry, and most importantly it didn’t make me hate shaving today. This one tiny container will probably last the entire trip and beyond, and there is a good chance I’ll be buying more of it when I run out.”

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