Aero Shaving Improves Performance

LEG LUBE: Is this an April Fools prank? Find out for yourself :-)

Alphamantis Technologies, a high performance sports technology company, today revealed the finding that leg hair, when shaved in an aero pattern, can significantly improve aerodynamics and offer free speed to anyone with enough leg hair – and enough confidence to shave the intricate patterns in their leg hair. The study was conducted by ERO Sports’ Jim Manton at the Los Angeles VELO Sports Center using Alphamantis’ cutting-edge technology that tests the aerodynamics of objects in motion – in this case a male cyclist with abundant leg hair.

Jim Manton, owner of ERO Sports, said, “I was shocked when the tests revealed that the aero hair was significantly faster. I have to admit, I doubted at first, but the numbers don’t lie.”

Alphamantis’ Chief Technology Officer, Andy Froncioni, said, “We knew the impact of texturing on lowering aerodynamic drag for skin suits. We thought, ‘what better skinsuit texture than a rider’s own hair.’ British Cycling’s recent patent on using chevron patterns on the arms gave us some further ideas. Shaving patterns that allowed more robust turbulent boundary layers to form were better at delaying flow separation, which significantly reduced drag! One day, we could imagine the UCI requiring a fully shaven leg for its races.”

Various patterns were tested but this sharp front stripe had the best numbers and showed significant advantages over clean shaven legs.


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