A Quick & Effective Yoga Program for Cyclists

RoadBikeRider.com Book Feature:

As a fitness activity, “Yoga has the potential to help you ride faster and farther with less effort – in addition to making you appear more limber and youthful,” say the authors, Joe & Maria Kita, who are longtime cyclists and Registered Yoga Teachers. In simple, practical language, they reveal the 18 best yoga poses for cyclists, all illustrated and blended into an efficient 40-minute session designed for non-riding days or for a winter program. Plus, they give you a 10-minute pre-ride routine and a 10-minute post-ride routine, each of which uses 8 poses (illustrated) for warming up and cooling down. I love the idea of mixing yoga into a cycling routine. Check it out at http://bit.ly/yZLnXD

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