9 Cycling Tips for Better Hill Climbing

LEG LUBE: If you ride a bike, sooner or later, you’re going to encounter a hill. For some of us, this is an exciting time. For others, it’s a moment we dread. If climbing raises your anxiety, I have good news. You can improve your climbing ability. In fact, you can improve it so much you might even start to enjoy it. Just follow these nine tips and you’ll look forward to your next ascent.

1. Practice Climbing Throughout the Year
2. Be as Light as You Can Be
3. Lighten Up Your Bike
4. Equip Your Bike With Large Sprockets and a Wide Range of Gears
5. Spin Small Gears at a Relatively High Cadence
6. Stay Seated Most of the Time
7. Stay Out of the Red Zone
8. Develop a Strategy for Each Climb
9. Psychology Matters

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