7 Tips for Fueling on the Bike

LEG LUBE: Getting used to eating on long rides can be just as challenging as the ride itself. In order to keep your energy stores at the levels that they should be, it is recommended to eat 60g of carbohydrates per hour and at least one 500ml bottle of fluid. That might not sound like a lot, but when you’re exercising for more than three hours in hot weather, the task can be more daunting than it sounds. Digestion, bike handling and how to pack your food are all common problems you’ll have to solve before you head out on the road. Below are seven easy tips to help make your on-the-bike refueling easier to stomach.

1. Cut off the top of your energy bar packages

2. Bring real food

3. Drink before you’re thirsty

4. Bring an energy drink

5. Refuel on a smooth section of road

6. Take a small amount of powdered sports drink

7. Plan any necessary stops

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