7 Running Drills to Warm Up the Right Way

LEG LUBE: Here’s a warm-up routine to try before your next tough effort. Do each exercise once for 50 to 75 meters, paying attention to your form and leg turnover. Take your time so you can work on your form and technique.

Drill #1: High Knees
The Focus: Increase lower-body flexibility and explosion off the ground.

Drill #2: B Skips
The Focus: Lengthen the hamstring to improve flexibility.

Drill #3: Skipping with High Knees
The Focus: Improved power and upward acceleration.

Drill #4: Butt Kickers
The Focus: Improves speed.

Drill #5: Forward Leg Swing
The Focus: Improve range of motion and increase flexibility of your glutes and hamstrings.

Drill #6: Side Leg Swings
The Focus: Stretch the hip flexors, hip extensors, hip adductors and hip abductors.

Drill #7: Strides
The Focus: Preps your body to run at a quicker pace.

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