6 Ways to Swim Faster

LEG LUBE: One of the biggest misconceptions about swimming speed is that in order to swim faster you have to move your arms faster. “He who pulls the most water wins, not the one who moves their arms through the water like a windmill,” says Melanie Valerio, who won gold as part of the freestyle 4 x 100 relay team at the 1996 Summer Olympics. In fact, windmill arms won’t get you to the other end of the pool faster; they’ll get you there more exhausted. There are hundreds of ways to improve your stroke and learn how to swim faster. But you should start by streamlining your body, getting a good hold on the water, and practicing these often-overlooked techniques.

1. Keep Your Kick Shallow

2. Straighten Your Knees

3. Vary Your Pace

4. Check Your Head Position

5. Don’t Just Pull the Water, Push It

6. Test Yourself

Read the whole article by Marty Munson at Active.com: http://bit.ly/1gcd4Jx

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