6 Tips for Cycling in the Wind

LEG LUBE: The wind has the potential to wreck any ride. It makes you colder, zaps your energy and can slow you to a crawl. But there are ways you can punch back. Here are 6 tips for making your windy ride a little more enjoyable:

1. Use the drops: A lower position on the bike will leave you less exposed.

2. Go slower: To maintain a 20 miles per hour (mph) speed in a headwind of 10 mph, you’ll need to produce twice the amount of power that you would in calm conditions.

3. Choose the right clothing: Loose-fitting clothes will act as a parachute in the wind. Clothing that fits you snug will create less drag.

4. Ride with a friend: Riding behind another cyclist will save you around 30 percent in energy expenditure. In the wind, the benefits can be even greater.

5. Watch for cross winds: Keep your elbows and hands relaxed to avoid over steering.

6. Use it to your advantage: The good thing about the wind is that it won’t always be in your face. When the wind is behind you, sit up and let your back act as a sail.

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