5 Triathlon Mistakes That Add Seconds to Your Time

LEG LUBE: Winning a triathlon—or even just edging out a few more people in your age group—isn’t always about swimming, biking, and running faster. Ranking higher can be as simple as fixing the little errors that allow time to “leak” out of your race. Even if you’re more worried about crossing the finish line than getting on the podium, it’s worth adding these tips to your triathlon race strategy. Why not gain free speed without any additional effort? After all that training, the last thing you want to do is lose rank just because you fumbled with your helmet in your first transition (T1).

Avoid these five triathlon mistakes in your next race, and you just might cross the finish line ahead of someone who’s usually a little faster than you:

Triathlon Mistake No. 1: Not Swimming in a Straight Line

Triathlon Mistake No. 2: Not Loading Up Your Bike

Triathlon Mistake No. 3: Not Using Aerobars

Triathlon Mistake No. 4: Tying Your Shoes

Triathlon Mistake No. 5: Running the Whole Race

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