5 Secrets of the Triathlon Swim

LEG LUBE: Many triathletes start race day by saying to themselves, “If I can just get through the swim, I’ll be OK.” Is that you? For many amateur triathletes, the triathlon swim is the most challenging leg. Not only can an open water swim be cold, hectic and frightening, but it often represents the limiter to personal triathlon performance. In triathlon speak, a “limiter” is the part of a triathlon that limits triathletes from putting together the fastest possible swim, bike and run performance on race day. Make sure the triathlon swim is your strength. Here are five secrets to swimming like a triathlon pro:

1. Don’t Kick at the Start of the Swim
2. Sight Behind the Water Buoys or Course Markers
3. Know Your Weak Side
4. Always Wear a Wetsuit
5. Don’t Panic

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