5 Crunch-Free Core Exercises for Cyclists

LEG LUBE: The core is more than just a six pack (abdominal muscles). The core is any muscle that supports and stabilizes the pelvis, spine and shoulders. Exercises such as front squats, deadlifts, push-ups and pull-ups are all considered excellent core movements. Here are 5 Crunch-Free exercises sure to firm up your core:

1. Seal Walks http://youtu.be/CupYG7CHDNE

2. Stability Ball “Stir The Pots” http://youtu.be/jxl9Fxcr-00

3. TRX Body Saw w/Knee Strikes http://youtu.be/3V76nlfJ-CE

4. Sandbag Get-Ups http://youtu.be/7iVNf3-yBNI

5. Hanging Wipers http://youtu.be/fJBkAegr-cM

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