3 Workouts to Improve Your Run

LEG LUBE: As the season progresses and we get a few races under the belt, we find a reason to want to go faster. Whether it’s getting a personal best, winning your age group or picking off that nemesis, you want that little extra bit. The run is the prime place for quick improvement without drastic changes to your program. Here are three great workouts for building killer speed over the Olympic distance run:

Mile Repeats
Frequency: Once per week.
Workout: 6×1 mile or 10x1K or 5x2K

If you have not done anything like this before, you should begin with fewer repeats (such as 4×1 mile and build up to the full volume of this workout). You may consider choosing a different rep-to-distance format each week to avoid monotony.

Rest: 1:1; in other words if your interval pace is seven minutes, then your rest should be at least five minutes and up to seven minutes.

Pace: 10K pace or slightly faster. Do not exceed faster than 100 percent VO2 max pace. If your splits are not consistent and you slow down throughout the workout, you are running too fast. Start conservatively and build into it. It is OK to speed up, but if you start slowing down you are missing the objective the workout.

Purpose: Physiologically this type of workout serves to build aerobic capacity–make you more efficient at race pace. You can either run faster over a given distance or you can run further at a given pace.

Read about the other two workouts at: http://bit.ly/4Q1C3b

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