3 Triathlon Transition Secrets You May Not Know

LEG LUBE: With all the time spent working on your swimming, refining your cycling and speeding up your running, the transitions can be overlooked. Understandable; it’s only a small sliver of your total time from start to finish. But what if you could make it even smaller? Or, at the very least, what if you could assure that your transition time doesn’t get any longer (either by accident or by a lack of preparation)? Triathletes have tried a lot of things to keep the transition area from being a time suck. Here are three ideas to make sure your time in transition is as minimal as possible:

1. Make your row hard to miss. (I learned a fun trick this weekend competing at the Boulder Sprint Triathlon. Someone had brought chalk with them and marked their row with a BIG X on the pavement. It was awesome as it helped me too. A balloon or colored ribbon also works.)

2. Know your entrances and exits. That sounds fairly rudimentary but I’ve seen a number of athletes who are confused over the years so don’t miss this simple step.

3. Practice running with your bike.

Read the whole article by Ryan Wood at: http://bit.ly/15cCrmV

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