2012 Olympic Cycling Schedule

LEG LUBE: For those of you who haven’t looked up all of the Olympic Cycling events yet, here they are and when they air in the US (I believe this is East Coast Time). Enjoy!
July 28 – Men’s Road Race 5 a.m.

July 29  – Women’s Road Race 7 a.m.

Aug. 1
Women’s Time Trial 7:30 a.m.
Men’s Time Trial 9:15 a.m.

Aug. 2  Track — Men’s Team Pursuit qualifying; Men’s/Women’s Team Sprint final 11 a.m.

Aug. 3  Track — Men’s Team Pursuit final; Women’s Keirin final; Women’s Team Pursuit qualifying 11 a.m.

Aug. 4  Track — Men’s Omnium Flying Lap, 30k Points Race, Elimination Race; Men’s Sprint qualifying; Women’s Team Pursuit final 5 a.m.

Aug. 5  Track — Men’s Omnium 4K Individual Pursuit, 15k Scratch Race, 1k Time Trial; Women’s Sprint qualifying; Men’s Sprint quarterfinals; Women’s Sprint early rounds 5 a.m.

Aug. 6  Track — Men’s Sprint final; Women’s Omnium Flying Lap, 20k Points Race, Elimination Race; Women’s Sprint quarterfinals 11 a.m.

Aug. 7  Track — Men’s Keirin final; Women’s Omnium 3k Individual Pursuit, 10k Scratch Race, 500m Time Trial; Women’s Sprint final 5 a.m.

Aug. 8  BMX — Men’s/Women’s seeding runs 10 a.m.

Aug. 9  BMX — Men’s quarterfinals 10 a.m.

Aug. 10  BMX — Men’s/Women’s Semifinal & Finals 10 a.m.

Aug. 11  Women’s Mountain Bike Cross-Country 7:30 a.m.

Aug. 12  Men’s Mountain Bike Cross-Country 8:30 a.m.

Learn more at: http://www.usacycling.org/olympics/


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