14 Ways To Eat, and Perform Like A World Class Cyclist

LEG LUBE: The world’s best cyclists eat these foods and use these nutrition methods to fuel their riding. You can, too. Check out the whole article at: http://bit.ly/iILWKh

1. Drink Black or Green Tea
2. Lead with Carbs
3. Eat Soybeans & Tofu
4. Don’t skimp on the calories
5. Eat Salmon & Tuna
6. Eat often and refuel quickly
7. Tumeric
8. Stay tried and true – eat and drink what you did while you were training
9. Cherries & Berries
10. Eat the rainbow
11. Cucumbers
12. Eat real food
13. Papayas
14. B Rich with iron, B12 and Folic Acid

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