10 Bike Fit Myths…Debunked

LEG LUBE: By understanding the misconceptions about bike fitting, you can learn how to avoid things that could be hampering your progress as a cyclist. You’ll also understand the process and science behind bicycle fitting and its value to you, regardless of your riding ability.

Myth No. 1:“I only need a bike fit if my position is uncomfortable or if I have just purchased a new bike.”
Myth No. 2: “It doesn’t work. I have already received a fit before and it didn’t help.”
Myth No. 3: “I have a big event coming up and I don’t want to get a fit now because it could affect my performance.”
Myth No. 4: “I have tried many different custom insoles for my feet, but keep getting numbness and tingling, hot feet and discomfort. Maybe I haven’t found the perfect insoles.”
Myth No. 5: “If I lower my stem and get as low as possible, it will make me more aero.”
Myth No. 6: “My lower back is bothering me, so I probably need to raise my handlebars.”
Myth No. 7: “My hands keep going numb. Maybe it’s either my gloves or I’m getting old.”
Myth No. 8: “I need to buy a bike first, and then get fit to the bike.”
Myth No. 9: “Bike fitting is expensive.”
Myth No. 10: “I only get discomfort when I go longer distances on my bike…should I just ride shorter distances from now on?”

Riding longer distances should be enjoyable yet challenging. A proper bike fit will ensure that no matter the distance you are riding, you are optimized in comfort and performance. You never have to resort to shorter distances on your bike rides, unless you absolutely want to.

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